Kerala Congress Logo

The Congress party was formed in 1885 at Bombay by A.O. Hume, a retired member of the Indian Civil Service. The place of the first president was filled by the W.C. Bannerjee. It was launched with the motive of getting a few more posts for Indians in the services and the more share in the administration. As of now, the party is very strong in many states of India, especially in Kerela. This collection is full of Kerala Congress Logo images and pictures which you can enjoy sharing with your party members.

    Kerala Congress grew under K. M. George. R. Balakrishna Pillai was another founding leader of the party.

    The mass base of the party predominantly consists of Christians from Kottayam and Idukki districts of Kerala.

    Rajiv Gandhi became the youngest prime minister of India when he was elected to the post at age of 40.

    Though the party was founded with the aim of postings on the Indian government, later the party changed its objective and passed the resolution for gaining complete independence from the Britishers. Make use of these Kerala Congress Logo e-cards and pictures to share among the Kerela Congress party members via status or post.

    Rajiv Gandhi succeeded his mother Indira Gandhi to the position of INC president in 1985 and served until the time he was assassinated in 1991.

    Indira Gandhi is also renowned as one of India’s strongest and most decisive prime ministers.

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